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How Does It Work?

Scenting is flexible and can be used to scent spaces of any size, from a small room to a whole building. Our fully managed service means you don't have to worry, just reap the benefits of scenting your space with the fragrance of your choice.

We'll complete a full site survey and recommend the right solution for you. You have no equipment to own or maintain - our fully trained team install the equipment and then return on a regular basis to replace and refresh the fragrance.

Why is Premium Scenting different?

Unlike most commercial air fresheners, Premium Scenting behaves like a vapour. That means that the molecules don’t fall to the floor after emission, but rather remain in the air for up to four hours. Because the diffusion of the scenting particles is controlled, the scenting of the space is 100% uniform and does not leave wet deposits on any surfaces.


The ingredients are completely pure and manufactured to the highest standards. Unlike conventional systems - which are composed of at least 50% solvents and propellants that contain potentially harmful volatile organic compounds - Premium Scenting units dispense pure fragrance without the need for such additives.

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Brands are now having unique scents created for them - from designer clothing labels to hotels & car manufacturers.

Discover the science behind how our scenting services work & why we provide such high quality service. 

Ambius Premium Scenting offers a range of fragrances and helps you to select the scent that best reflects your brand.

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