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Premium Scenting

In a competitive environment, where customers are increasingly discerning, scenting can enhance your brand and provide a more powerful customer experience.

We are the leading experts in developing signature scents, and do so for some of the world's most recognisable brands. Based on a deeper understanding of your customers and your brand strategy, together with our market leading expertise in developing fine fragrances for spaces, our leading perfumers can create a sensory experience your customers will associate with your brand.

Scenting Launch

NEW: AQ270 Premium Scenting Unit

The new AQ270 premium scenting unit offers a discreet solution to enhance the customer experience using the same AirQ technology which can scent high traffic areas with little fragrance.

Creating an immediate impact to draw customers into the store is a vital part of visual merchandiser’s remit.

Benefits of Scenting

  • Pleasant fragrance as well as odour remediation thanks to our patented technology
  • Consistent and controlled coverage throughout the entire space
  • Maintenance-free for you: our units are serviced by trained Ambius service technicians
  • Maximum fragrance effectiveness at minimal costs due to a fully programmable dispensing system
  • Works well in both small and larger areas (HVAC compatible)
  • No up-front purchase of equipment required
  • Cleaner diffusion system that requires no clean-up and leaves no messy oil in your HVAC system
  • Customised signature fragrances available (contact us for details)

Discover the science behind how our scenting services work & why we provide such high quality service. 

Ambius Premium Scenting offers a range of fragrances and helps you to select the scent that best reflects your brand.

Brands are now having unique scents created for them - from designer clothing labels to hotels & car manufacturers.

Discover the benefits of odour remediation for your business

Our brains have evolved to react to stimuli from many sources. Our senses tell us everything we need to know about our environment.

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