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Scent Marketing

How do you keep your retail environment unique and engaging?

15 seconds is all it takes for a customer to decide whether they are going to stay in your store or not. Creating an immediate impact to draw customers into the store is a vital part of the visual merchandiser’s remit. Retailers are known for their ability to innovate to deliver a new experience to customers, but what is next on the horizon?

As a retailer you want to:

  • deliver a unique and memorable retail environment where customers feel comfortable to linger and browse
  • create an entire brand experience, not just a shopping experience
  • increase customer loyalty and repeat purchase
  • differentiate yourselves from your competitors
  • increase profits

Scent Marketing can help you achieve those goals

Scent Marketing creates a unique sensory experience which enhances the impact of traditional visual merchandising. We work with leading retailers who are at the forefront of using scent marketing to target customers and create a brand experience.

  • Our expertise and technology can enhance your customers’ experience through scent marketing
  • We scent all types of commercial premises from a small boutique store to large department stores
  • The technology we use means that the fragrance stays in the air for longer and has uniform coverage, making it more cost-effective than traditional air fresheners
  • The fragrances are delivered as micro-particles rather than air droplets, making it a subtle and sophisticated aroma rather than an overpowering smell
  • We have a range of fragrances, from fresh and fruity to sleek and sophisticated, suitable for all types of retail environment

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