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The interior design of any educational facility is vital to the growth of the students using that facility. It is important that the environment is pleasant, engaging, and aesthetic in order to attract and retain students and staff. Every aspect of the facility should be focused on maximising the productivity of the students and the development of their learning.

We at Ambius believe that the benefits of indoor plants, such as noise reduction and natural screen partitions can ultimately increase the performance of students and produce high quality results. Connecting students with nature can have numerous psychological benefits which can overall improve focus and reduce stress levels (perfect for exam conditions).

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We know that where the magic really happens is inside of the office building, but we at Ambius still believe it’s important to keep the exterior entrance & reception areas looking professional for those important visitors.

Our wide range plant container materials means we have the perfect containers for you.

In certain cases, living plants may not be suitable for a space - this is where we come in! Check out what we can do with artificial plants.

Hire Bring colour to your business and smiles to your colleagues and shoppers with our bespoke Christmas displays.

Our exterior landscaping service provides your premises with attractive plant displays all year round.

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