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Fragrances Range

Distinguish your brand from the competition

The right scent can set you apart from the competition, create an inspiring atmosphere and increase engagement with your brand. Ambius Premium Scenting offers a wide range of fragrances and works with you to select the scent that best reflects your brand.

How to select the right scent for your space

Scent selection is not primarily about likes or dislikes, but what best matches your brand, your objectives, and the customer experience that you wish to create.

Our catalogue contains a number of scents, described by a range of adjectives so that you can find those that best mirror your brand. Once you have selected a shortlist of fragrances, give us a call and we can arrange to demonstrate the fragrance during a visit, so that you can experience the true effect of the scent. You can also discuss your brand personality with our fragrance expert and find the most appropriate scent to match your brand.

Our fresh fragrances are inspired by the natural world, creating a refreshing, organic atmosphere.

Our fresh water fragrances are inspired by the natural world, creating a refreshing, organic atmosphere.

Energetic, crisp, and clean scents ideal for casinos, fitness centres or workplaces wanting to create an invigorating atmosphere.

The Oriental Range, Woody Range and the Floral Oriental Range make up our Oriental family of fragrances. Exotic and spicy, there fragrances create an intoxicating, heady environment.

Fruity fragrances are bright, uplifting, and often youthful, while also anxiety-reducing. Examples of fruity notes include peach, apple, pear, plum, and apricot.

Our Floral fragrances range from delicate and subtle to heady and powerful. Refreshing, clean and crisp, these fragrances are perfect for a wide range of environments.

Our Woody family of fragrances is bold, mature and warm in nature. They can be used effectively to create a sophisticated, masculine mood.


Our seasonal fragrances includes fragrances that create a specific or unusual atmosphere.

Our gourmand scenting range is perfect for those with a nose for fresh food and drinks

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