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Living green screens


Screen areas instantly with pre-grown hedging for your business. Call today to find out more.

Individual screens are completely covered with climbing or hedging plants - creating a dense, fully covered living plant screen. Create an instant sense of privacy without the floorspace requirements of traditional hedging with these pre-grown hedging screens.

Enjoy a bespoke instant hedging service for your business, with quick and easy installation and discreet maintenance options. Call today to book a free consultation.

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The benefits of pre-grown hedging Green Screens for business

  • Instant privacy
  • Improved acoustics
  • Can be installed during any season
  • Positive impact on biodiversity
  • Durable and attractive way of dividing space
  • Maximum green impact in minimum space
  • Significant pollution reduction
  • Extendable in both length and height
  • Uses wide range of plant species
  • Minimal maintenance requirements


Read about everything from the benefits of indoor plants to useful information about common pests and how to look after your office plants.

We work closely with our customers to select plants, containers and accessories to suit individual budgets, available space and lighting for the business environment.