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Ashtray planters

A greener way to manage cigarette waste and keep your exterior free from litter.

Our Planter Ashtray is an exterior planter design that features an integral cigarette waste collection system. Ambius offers these planters either as a one-off purchase or on a rental contract basis. The planter can be supplied with either live or replica planting.

The Planter Ashtray will not encourage smoking, but is designed to combat the litter problem it brings outside your building.


  • Stylish GRP container design
  • Fire retardant
  • Integral stainless steel ashtray
  • A second ashtray can be added
  • Accommodates a variety of plant specimens
  • Available in many colours and finishes
  • Your logo can be added to the side of the container


  • Enhances entrance areas
  • Reinforces your corporate identity
  • Easily collected cigarette waste
  • Better looking than a traditional ashtray
  • Hygienic and safe to empty
  • Withstands the harshest environments

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